ADVANTAGES No Watering With the ever tightening water restriction and increasing water costs in WA, an Artificial Grass installation by Artificial Grass Solutions will give you the luxury of never having to water your lawn again. Low Maintenance Family life is a busy life. Allow Artificial Grass Solutions to install quality Artificial Grass to your home and save precious time by never having to mow, water or fertilize your lawn again. Great looking lawn 365 days a year and it's just too easy! Saves Money Artificial Grass installed by Artificial Grass Solutions is proven to reduce your reticulation water costs by up to 80%. Statistics show us that the cost of Artificial Grass is recovered by the home owner within three to four years, with no ongoing expenses such as water, mowing costs, fertilizing or weed and pest control expenses. Remember The savings in your time and energy start from day one! Copyright 2011-2014 ARTIFICIAL GRASS SOLUTIONS, All Rights Reserved. Phone - 0402 438 333 Email -